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What’s the Coding Chill-out event all about?

This is the first annual event to bring together all students & professional programmers on the island. Contestants will code remotely as well as at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, Malta.

It’s basically...

  • great FUN & an adrenaline boost
  • real emotions & LIVE ranks
  • two coding sessions - (online, on-site)
  • practice session and tools to polish coding skills
  • cool prizes & awesome people
  • inspiring meetings & presentations
  • games room & chill-out zone
  • snacks & drinks to keep your brain cells UP and running
  • cutting edge Sphere Contest technology
  • spoj.com support
  • & much more... stayed tuned


This is a call for students (undergraduates and graduates), in Malta and Gozo, who are ready to accept this challenge and share their passion for programming with fellow coders.

Coding Chill-out event has a special OPEN category for IT professionals. Every experienced developer can join and share the pure joy of coding while maintaining a healthy catalytic competitive spirit.

Technology to choose from:
C, C#, C++, Java, PHP, Python




Technology partners:

Microsoft Innovation Centre 

Malta Recruit Coders


Sphere Contest SPOJ